One of the biggest problems the world has , apart from environmental pressures, is lack of work and payment to enable a reasonable living.

This is one of the problems we need to address to make economies more stable and countries more safe. It can't be completed overnight but we can work at it as many have done for years. And this we admire them for when the world was less awake to the problems .

We can help to address this by correct impact investing to improve the lives

of many around the world including many areas in the West which are still 

​neglected . Why in rich Countries this still happens is a problem that needs solving.

Infrastructure  in all its' forms, Education ,water development and protection, Micro investment ,I.T. processes ,Health improvement, Income improvement. Co-operation at all levels.

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The most important thing is to define your goals

What Really Matters

All of this information must be added to the application for the loan and must be a 

​possible in its objective.

Defining your goals in any investment is an essential necessity . None more so in any investment to do with Society and Environment.

The correct attitude of mind to commit to the benefit of ESG in these investments is important.

Although return on capital is part of the equation we are at a time when considering many more things are important in any investment or consideration of a loan.

So when requiring an application for a loan you must consider what benefit

​will be derived from the loan for improvement in processes ,assisting staff in their work patterns ,survival of the company and or long term project ,and 

​those in receipt of the completion at the end of the term of the loan.